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Yujinn [Video/Action]

[Yujinn is holding the basket of candy up and smiling.]

All this candy, is it for a holiday or something? That seemed to be the gist of the announcement from the Goblin King.

If anything, at least that sounds like it could be fun. Does anyone know how this holiday is celebrated?


[Yujinn is looking around the goblin city, wearing his court robes and a gold circlet across his forehead.]

Everyone got the invitation, right? What was that all about?


Is it just me, or do the walls seem a little higher on the Labyrinth today? I have to say, it seems like they're just going to keep getting higher and the roof off and we'll never see sunlight again. When that happened, we'll turn into goblins that much faster.

I only heard this second hand, but it could be true, right?
[Yujinn's communicator now looks like an old radio unit instead of a magic mirror. His hair is braided more tightly, and he wears a blue military uniform. The white gloves have alchemical symbols painted onto the back. As he walks, a silver pocketwatch chimes at his hip.]

Still no way out. Mustang will have my ass for not reporting in by now.

None of this makes sense, the walls appear out of nowhere. They're breaking the laws.


[Yujinn can be seen wandering about the Goblin marketplace, trying to find something that looks edible among the various shops and the bizarre goblin cuisine. Eventually, he decides that he should buy raw items that he can recognize. Nothing that's had been cooked looked edible at all.]

There's isn't a lot to be had here, I wonder if the forest is any better.

[He buys some carrots that look okay, and seems to be debating buying a whole chicken. At least with the feathers he can tell what meat it is. The skewers are labeled as chicken, but he suspected rat.]

1 - Yujinn Zi Alda - Video

[Yujinn is tilting one of the large potted plants in the maze to one side, revealing a ladder into the underground of the Labyrinth.]

So, there was a way in.

[He begins descending.]

Of all the places to have hidden my book...

[Accidental Video]

[The camera flicks on in the hallway just as there is a loud bang, Curls of multi-colored smoke issue from the doorway of Yujinn's lab for a few moments before he stumbles out himself. His hair, clothing and skin are dyed in rainbow swirls of color.

He leans against the wall and coughs a little.]


Now how did that happen?


[OOC: The following explosion occurred because Yujinn and Willy Wonka's ingredients got mixed up accidentally while they were at the bazaar. The smoke is fairly localized, but if for some reason your character is nearby, it smells very sweet and dyes things various colors and makes them taste like variously colored lollipops when licked.]


[It's a weekday, and the bar Neighborhood Watch isn't terribly full. No that any of our patrons have 9-5 jobs anyway, but a fair number have to pretend they do. Seeu's on the piano as I step out on stage. It's a song that was really made for a woman to sing, but it works for me, wearing clothing a bit too immodest for even these streets.

The crowd seems to like it, and there may be a few who come to ask the price on my other profession. I hate them, but I smile for them anyway, and I smile for Seeu because I love him and I don't want him to hurry, and because he makes me feel clean when this world makes me dirty.

The song ends, and I step off the stage and into the crowd, letting my long hair brush against my hips as I walk.]




[Yujinn is all smiles as always]

Hello everyone. I was just thinking that we haven't had a ball in Wonderland in over a year, that might be a good way to pass the time while we have a little bit of peace and quiet.

What does anyone else think?



[Yujinn is methodically working through the potions and herbs he has lined up on his worktable, sorting some and removing others. He does this with minute attention to detail, although it is obvious he's working so hard at this to conceal how worried he's been the last couple of days.]

Does anyone need any assistance?

[For once, he isn't smiling at all.]



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